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Timeline 98YA5WC2 by TerranTechnocrat Timeline 98YA5WC2 :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 6 0 2167 - Washington World by TerranTechnocrat 2167 - Washington World :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 12 10 Map of Al'der by TerranTechnocrat Map of Al'der :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 10 0 Map of Kullortalik by TerranTechnocrat Map of Kullortalik :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 10 0 Map of Zirchrome by TerranTechnocrat Map of Zirchrome :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 15 8 Map of Salronrea by TerranTechnocrat Map of Salronrea :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 19 20 Map of Xatoran by TerranTechnocrat Map of Xatoran :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 14 14 618K315-B II by TerranTechnocrat 618K315-B II :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 2 0 Radania Prime by TerranTechnocrat Radania Prime :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 4 4 8Values by TerranTechnocrat 8Values :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 3 3 2384 - The Perpetual War by TerranTechnocrat 2384 - The Perpetual War :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 29 26 Illoumeia by TerranTechnocrat Illoumeia :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 3 1 Galactic Map - The Terran Empire by TerranTechnocrat Galactic Map - The Terran Empire :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 23 18
Marines of the Federation
The marines of the Federation of National Socialist Republics, or Federal Marines, are the Federation's high mobility, mechanized, multi-environment military force.
Federal Marines are dawned in standardized battle armor; pressure suits, the kind found on naval vessels but overlapped with segments of ceartanium nano-reinforced armor and structurally reinforced by segments of syntherium armor. Generally only used in spacecraft-oriented warfare, Federal battle armor is more advanced and easier to mass produce than its power armor competition in the Commonwealth, but weaker and less advanced than Union power armor, which allows the Union to reduce the numbers in their military as their standard power armor heavily reducing causalities in combat by increasing the combat ability of fighters to a level comparable to heavy armor vehicles.
Since Federal battle armor is fairly basic, it is powered by only a few akumulors which, in battle armor, are easy to recharge and last quite awhi
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Banner of the Solar Province by TerranTechnocrat Banner of the Solar Province :iconterrantechnocrat:TerranTechnocrat 23 13
That Which Grows Within The Hull - 1
Isobel Perlich looked over the radio-visual instruments on her telescope-mounted komputator. Her fingers fiddled with the dials on the console while she watched the screen of stars, and she focused in on one of the many spots on the occasionally blurring screen's field of stars. "Ah ha," Perlich cheered. "Found you, ya little bastard..." She carefully fiddled with her console's dials some more -- continuously making mistakes and correcting -- and the glowing spot increased in size, more and more until it was a brownish spot -- surrounded by a swarm of smaller glowing spots, and one especially bright orange one -- all partially drowned by the glare of a K6 sun. Checking for the wireless pulses once more, she continued to narrow in on the orb, until it was a large sphere, dominating the screen of the komputator, that was striped between swirling orange and purple lines and was marked by three whitish spirals, which were persistent zones of pressure -- or storms -- she
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Last night in bed, a number of memories, mistakes, regrets, and fights flooded through my head; terrifying me, angering me and filling me with regret and sadness over past mistakes, unsolved relationships, past injustices, and lost apologies, giving me a sinking feeling in my gut and a general sense of panic. What ideology did you get? 

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If you want to add me on Discord, it's TerranTechnocrat#3345.
If you want to add me on Skype, it's TerranTechnocrat -- be sure to let me know who you are first in the friend request!

If you don't agree with me ideologically, that's okay.

My DA name -- in addressing me directly -- is Terran, or simply my username. I am a teenage guy with a strong interest in science fiction stuff and a fair few overlapping genres. I am bisexual, I am autistic, I have Asperger syndrome, and am generally introverted. I'm also a humanist, agnostic atheist, and passionate defender of free speech, personal liberty -- regardless of color, sex, or class -- and, although it would seem a lot of universes I build go against this, I am a fervent defender of pacificism and it's application in both personal, domestic, and international affairs, and see violence only as a barbaric, backward means individuals and governments use when they have no ways to defend their position against the scrutiny of others.

"The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning. We long for a Parent to care for us, to forgive us our errors, to save us from our childish mistakes. But knowledge is preferable to ignorance. Better by far to embrace the hard truth than a reassuring fable. If we crave some cosmic purpose, then let us find ourselves a worthy goal."
- Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

"Curious that we spend more time congratulating people who have succeeded than encouraging people who have not."
- Neil deGrasse Tyson‏

"Humor is everywhere, in that there's irony in just about anything a Human does."
- William Sanford "Bill" Nye

It's best not to hate or hold a grudge -- as a fellow Human being, I know it's difficult, but it's best to rise above such a redundant thing as hatred and opt instead for forgiveness and admitting your faults. It's better for everyone involved to know each other, rather than hate them and wish harm upon them, to just accept who they are, and if it's a matter of ideology; try to change their opinions with logic and facts, but claiming that their beliefs are based on hatred or ignorance isn't a valid justification for acts of brutality and barbarism, as to them; your beliefs and opinions are based on ignorance or even hatred, and so they may use your justification for acts against you.

Bisexual stamp by pulsebomb LGBT(?) STAMP - Cisgender Boy by Azure-Heir

I am an Atheist by paramoreSUCKS Anti-War Quote by Insanityisthefuture Stamp: Tax the Churches by 8manderz8 Stamp: Religion VS NASA by 8manderz8 Q Everything--AtheistsClub by AtheistsClub Humanist--AtheistsClub by AtheistsClub Freedom Of Speech Is A Human Right by TheArtFrog Thought and action by Akhnaton-II We Can't Overcome The Bad If We Can't Laugh At It by TheArtFrog Pacifist Run Stamp by Bellavee Free Speech Means ALL Speech! by TheArtFrog Truth Is Objective: Alternative Facts Aren't Facts by TheArtFrog Science by EmilyHeatherly Richard is Right--AtheistsClub by AtheistsClub Nuclear Power Stamp by Sotkettu GMO stamp by Sotkettu

1984 stamp by 5-3-10-4 Carl Sagan by kyphoscoliosis Stephen Hawking by kyphoscoliosis Sir David Attenborough by kyphoscoliosis Michio Kaku by kyphoscoliosis Freemans Mind by Jerepasaurus 40k by Seimei-roo PewDiePie Stamp by TwilightProwler Tau Stamp by Marauder6272 Sexiest Astrophysicist by Flameshadow117 The Amazing Atheist - Stamp by Ghost-of-Nobody Markiplier: Dancing by Oreleth United Nations Stamp by phantom hamilton stamp by hoqwarts I Less Than Three NASA by SevenRoses Star Trek DS9 by phantom Star Trek TNG by phantom Star Trek TOS by phantom Star Trek Voyager by phantom MST3K Stamp by Teela-B by mst3k

Hetalia! What Country Are You?
Hetalia! What Country Are You?
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What Kind Of Fighter Are You?
What Kind Of Fighter Are You?
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RPs, man: love 'em.


Timeline 98YA5WC2
This is something that's been floating around in the folders on my computer since late December, 2016. I can't remember what I made it for or what it was about, but it was entitled "Timeline 98YA5WC2", so I assume it might have something to do with The Organization.
2167 - Washington World
An ISOT scenario I made (THE IDEA OF WHICH I STOLE FROM SOMEONE ELSE XD) for fun of my home state of Washington being abruptly transported to a Virgin Earth where the last members of the genus Homo died out as mysteriously as the Neanderthals did IOT 2.5 million years ago.

Not a lot of realism or cynicism in this scenario. This was my excuse to just have fun and make a nice happy world (uncharacteristic for me, I know). Sweating a little...

The Chronostorm
It was just after midnight on the third day of the year 2017 -- Pacific Standard Time -- that The Storm began. Fabulous yet bizarre and unnerving aurorae began to flash along the skies above the waters of the Pacific Northwest and over British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Green, blue, purple, and even bright red -- among many others -- flashed among the colors. The aurorae caused rolling, sporadic blackouts across the region of the Cascades for days. Each blackout was isolated to an area of only several thousand square kilometers and ranged in time-span from thirty minutes to five hours: causing all electrical devices within the blackout area to cease to function for the phenomenon's duration. Observations to explain the phenomenon made by NASA, NOAA and many other national and even international organizations fielded limited results.

Early in the morning, at around 0300 hours on the 12th PST and continuing until 0500 hours, 28 bright "explosions" occurred in random locations above the State of Washington. The bright white flashes were reported to occur from 100 to 1,000 meters over the surface, and each produced an explosive bang with the intensity ranging from 100 to 200 decibels, allowing the anomalous "explosion" and flash of light to be not only seen but heard within a radius of 500 kilometers.

At around 0500 hours on the 12th of January in the year 2017; all territory considered Washington State was abruptly transferred from the Earth-That-Was to Virgin Earth, presumably switching places with the territory that previously existed on Virgin Earth in Washington State's position.

Aftermath & Present
In the aftermath of what is now in modern times known to scientists as the "Chronostorm", the population of Washington -- still recovering mentally from the mysterious aurorae, rolling blackouts, and the "Chrono-Flashes" -- felt incredible shock and panic as news outlets began reporting Washington State's "chronoshift". Within months, the government declared a temporary state of emergency, and police and the National Guard were organized to maintain law and order and prevent the population's fears from getting the best of them.

Within a year following the chronoshift, the Washington State Legislature passed a number of bills increasing state-wide taxes in order to provide for the infrastructure projects that would expand the state's energy and agricultural output, as well as fund government expeditions out into this new world to document and study all manner of species wiped out during the Quaternary extinction event. Simultaneously, the government pressed for a number of sweeping eradication programs to prevent various invasive species present in Washington State -- and present in the Americas on the Earth-That-Was -- from spreading out into the Americas.

The first several decades of Washington State's newfound status as the entirety of Human civilization on this new world was dominated by the debates over how the newly independent nation's government would function. In the end, the new United States' government -- reformed from the Washington State's government -- turned out to be largely based on the original United States' government, but with a number of improvements inspired by the governments of Europe. The end of the 21st century saw the new United States of America move out from Washington proper into the Great Plains; strategically settling a number of colonies in North and Middle America and establishing various independent, sponsored territories and governments.

As of 2167, Earth's hyperpower is the United States of America; which wields immense power and influence over the other nations in existence. Despite utilizing science and technology that is comparable to the early 21st century, there are a number of notable differences:

The majority of the nation's power consists of hydroelectric, nuclear, and wind.
The nation's primary mass transportation method is by monorail rather than highway.
There is a widespread utilization of green energy technology.
And there is a greater Human presence in orbital space, with permanent settlements on Earth's moon.
Map of Al'der
A request by :icontoravich12:.

An old planet dominated primarily by cool steppe, the local population technologically primitive population consists primarily of the descendants of Human settlers (68 percent). The most technologically advanced members of the population generally live in towns with roads and irrigation canals along the planet's equatorial ocean and there are currently 10 permanent settlements with populations in excess of ten thousand, however, the majority of the population subsist as nomadic tribesmen following the large herds of the 2.5 ton bipedal avian 'Tor-Maks'.

The minority native population consists of a people called the 'Ka-Thosa' (32 percent): avian-descended, bilateral omnivorous centauroids, with a mass of 0.5 tons. Masters of the steppe, the majority of the Ka-Thosa dwell in the deepest, driest of grasslands away from open water. Generally competitive with Humans, verbal interspecies communication is possible at the local technological level. Human and Ka-Thosa working together as hunters and warriors are noted for being especially proficient, with the Ka-Thosa effectively being armed with a second, back-bound bow and arrow or sword.

The indigenous Ka-Thosa are few in number and largely incapable of establishing their own permanent settlements as their population is persistently devastated by a plague called the "Krek'ta": a virus which jumped species from Humans.
Map of Kullortalik
Moar' maps!
This one is flagrantly inspired by George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Traveller's Guide: ++HAZARDOUS++ A sparsely populated planet, inhabited by the surviving remnants of a once great civilization -- devastated by thermonuclear war -- of reptilians. Its surface is covered in said civilization's ruins as well as scattered, isolated settlements. Low biomass rating. High mutation rates. Only means of transportation between settlements is by rail or aircraft. Planetary population is only under five percent of its original estimate. Local population has been incited into a xenophobic rage of the unknown by its government: all foreign objects entering planet's atmosphere are fired upon and all visitors are either quickly captured by local forces or are dispatched by violent locals. All 14 identified minor settlements are divided among several artificial nations which are really a construct of the planetary state which are perpertually each odds with one another or outright war over the various states' supposed "limited resources".
Last night in bed, a number of memories, mistakes, regrets, and fights flooded through my head; terrifying me, angering me and filling me with regret and sadness over past mistakes, unsolved relationships, past injustices, and lost apologies, giving me a sinking feeling in my gut and a general sense of panic.


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